What is that?

A small free service, where you can see all your chaturbate revshare statistics in a structured view: various tables, charts, world map!

At first, i want a demo

You can type "demo" (without quotes) and you will see someone’s statistics (i don’t know whose, i find it in internet).

How can i see my stats?

On your chaturbate affiliate page you can find this link (Direct URL):

Copypaste it in the main field and hit enter!

If you don’t have Chaturbate account, it’s time to create it and start making money. Create your affiliate account here.

What about privacy and what data do you store?

When you press "Submit" button small php script get data from chaturbate api and send this data to your browser. All your actions works in your browser, nothing calculated on server. Nothing saves on server.

There is no cookies, google analytics or other shity counters.

In your browser’s local storage saves some options: rows per page, date range, tracks, etc.

I’m worried about privacy anyway

I understand you. You can buy this script and place it on your own server. Also, in this way, you don’t need to copypaste this big link. You can use any short word (like "demo").